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The Small Slice brand started in January 2013 with, the blog. The aim was to document weekly baking successes and failures, find the worlds best calamari and have some fun! 

The Small Slice went international in 2014 documenting the best places to eat in New York City, and has since covered Thailand, Italy, Cyprus and Jamaica, as well as continuing to review restaurants in Harleigh's home city of London. In October 2014, the blog found a new home at and The Small Slice baking and culinary escapades launched on Instagram!


Baking is where The Small Slice began 5 years ago, and both Harleigh's quality and style has always been commended. The Small Slice Bakery was born in November 2017 and after a soft-launch over Christmas, now has a home here online for your convenience. 

Visit The Small Slice Bakery Store page for baking essentials, seasonal products, pantry essentials and more! 

For baking and cooking recipes, restaurant reviews, travel, lifestyle and more please visit the blog -

You can find Harleigh on Twitter @TheHarlsz, and The Small Slice on Instagram @TheSmallSlice.

Harleigh is food hygiene and food safety (level 2) certified.

The Small Slice Limited. Registered Company No. 11056380

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